Our Principles

What we stand for

What we stand for

Verigon Canada was established in 2011 as a company designed to engage Indigenous communities using business structures such as limited partnerships to help build capacity and capability at the local level. 

Verigon Canada also is working with TechInvest Alberta and PowerCrowd to help access financing for innovation and commercialization of technologies. This brings a whole new level of economic development options to Indigenous communities.

Verigon Canada’s foundational business principles are based on: building relationships; learning from each other; and sharing what we have learned for the benefit of others. By creating strong and effective business structures, Verigon Canada uses these principles to help foster collaborative and cooperative measures which help serve the mutual interests of all stakeholders.

Whenever possible Verigon Canada seeks to foster relationships – especially between Indigenous communities and Industry.

Together, it is possible to increase capacity and capability and the future potential of stakeholders.

Traditional cultural values and those practices related to Western business & science offer new possibilities and new ways of doing things – shared knowledge and experience lead to benefits arising from good relationships.

Applying what we learn from each other can help those who might not yet have the necessary relationships or the level of knowledge & understanding to advance further in organizations or their communities

Verigon Canada serves as an active agent for helping extend benefits beyond those enjoyed by the immediate circle of stakeholders.