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Strategic Planning2021-10-31T15:22:19+00:00

Developing a customized strategy for your business or community enterprise is a key to successful outcomes.

The world is changing rapidly – and knowing what to pay attention to and what trends can work in your favour is essential. Ask us how we can formulate strategic plans that stay relevant and can position your organization in the most advantageous manner possible.

Feasibility Studies2021-10-31T15:22:14+00:00

You need to know that what you would like to consider investing your time, money and energy in is worth pursuing.

Having the confidence to make a business decision and take action is what makes the difference in whether a venture is successful.  Ask us about feasibility studies that can help you make the best decisions about developing your market or taking on a specific project.

Business Plans2021-10-31T15:22:07+00:00

Detailing out the activities of your organization along with the structure and required resources to perform really well requires a solid business plan. 

We take a pragmatic and practical approach to helping organizations define and how they can execute their core business activities. Find out more about how we can work with you to plan out your potential business ventures.

Limited Partnerships2021-10-31T15:22:00+00:00

Building strong effective business models based on limited partnerships is our specialty.

We can give you a level of capacity and capability that may not have been available to your organization previously.  Ask us how we can put together partnership structures that helps you achieve your goals for strong company growth and increased market share.

New Indigenous Companies2021-10-31T15:21:53+00:00

The cornerstone of sustainability in Indigenous communities involves those individuals and small businesses which have made a commitment to create opportunities at the local level.

It starts out as an idea and this can be tested without investing financial resources. At Verigon Canada, we take the time to meet with people who would like to make a difference in their communities.  Call us today to set up a meeting.

Marketing Initiatives2021-10-31T15:21:46+00:00

Understanding market opportunities is both a science and an art. 

Verigon Canada specializes in developing marketing initiatives which are strategically driven yet are tied to measurable results (e.g. sales, better margins, etc.).  Making sure that your brand is recognized and understood for the benefits it represents is essential to your organization’s success.  Learn more about how we can help put together marketing initiatives that work!

Strategic HR – Local and Foreign Workers2021-10-31T15:21:31+00:00

Numerous economic reports have consistently pointed out that the greatest threat to prosperity is not having enough of the right skill sets available to do the work at hand.

This trend is apparently going to get tougher as baby-boomers retire.  At Verigon Canada, we take a balanced approach to working with local Indigenous labour and those we source internationally.  It is our goal to help create win-win scenarios which help foster growth and employment for new entrants to the workforce – especially for Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Corporate Content2021-10-31T15:21:37+00:00

Organizations which have designed their workplaces to be welcoming and that embrace diverse cultures have a competitive advantage over those which do not foster these workplace environments.

  At Verigon Canada, we can help build a corporate environment that strengthens relationships within and outside the organization.  Indigenous content by way of employment, external relations and shared business activities opens up many more profitable opportunities.  Ask us how we can help you accomplish this goal.

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