Exploring Possibilities

Innovative solutions start out as ideas. At Verigon Canada, we take the time to listen to ideas and help stakeholders explore the potential of these ideas. From early discussions to preliminary research, Verigon Canada will seek to quantify the potential of an ideas and whether it can support its development.

Making Choices

Often, there are a variety of options stakeholders are considering before taking action and are looking for support in weighing out these options. Verigon Canada can lend its expertise in this process and provide an objective perspective.

Developing Ideas

Once an idea has been assessed for its potential and options considered, Verigon Canada can support the development of an idea (innovative solution). This may be in the form of a feasibility study or business plan – either way, Verigon Canada can help build out an idea and facilitate market readiness.


Once a business plan is written, it’s time to take action. Verigon Canada can help bring in the resources needed through its partnership model to build up capacity and capability that leads to implementation. Stakeholders have the benefit of designing out an implementation plan which can be customized to their needs and expectations.


How do Indigenous communities work with Verigon Canada?2021-10-31T17:10:02+00:00

A community must first express a desire to build up their capacity and capability to do business within their Traditional Use Area.  Verigon Canada will meet initially with community stakeholders like Chief and Council, Elders and/or senior administrators to discuss the expectations and review the history of their business initiatives.  Once a relationship is established, next steps are taken to look at areas of opportunity that can be pursued.

How long does it take to set up a partnership?2021-10-31T17:09:28+00:00

Depending on the nature of the business, this can take as little as 60-120 days.  For immediate opportunities that are mutually agreed upon, MOUs can be used to help bridge into limited partnership agreements until formal arrangements are finalized.

What are the benefits for companies that are seeking partnerships with Indigenous communities?2021-10-31T17:08:56+00:00

With Verigon Canada’s help, small and medium-sized companies can develop excellent relationships with Indigenous communities and which, in turn, often leads to positive results with regard to procuring more contracts with Industry.

Who does Verigon Canada typically work with?2021-10-31T17:06:57+00:00

Verigon Canada is focused on working with Indigenous communities and those companies which are open to establishing partnerships which increase procurement opportunities in Industry.  We also work at the local level in communities helping individuals explore possibilities for training to employment or becoming involved in entrepreneurial initiatives.

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